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Pictures. Add your picture or scanned image of any size to WorldCoins. Then, by clicking on it the image will enlarge and you will be able to select different sizes up to a maximum of 560x560 pixels. This feature is very useful if you want to compare a few images between them. Image enlarged

Protection. Password-protect at any time all your information. Once the password is set, next time WorldCoins is started a password will be required. If no password is given or if not correct, you will not be able to use WorldCoins. You can modify the password or unprotect it. Protect WorldCoins

Coins. Information (Description, Year, Country, Catalog Id, Mintage, Metal, Precious metal content, Obverse Descriptions, Reverse Descriptions, Notes, Weight, Diameter) for more than 7000 coins from five different countries available for download here. This information can only be imported to WorldCoins if you buy the Activation Code. Other option is to download the time-limited version with all these coins and its information from More coins from other countries available soon.

Search. Find quick and easily any particular coin or group of coins from you collection thanks to the flexible searching by Coin id, Catalog id, Quantity, Denomination, Year, Metals, Country, Album, between specific years, Notes, Mint, Descriptions, different prices or by the combination of all these mentioned fields.  

Reports. Generate reports in .html format for a specific coin, all coins, or coins as seen in the grid or table of coins after a search. Some examples of searches: coins from country x, coins from year 1910, coins made of any kind of metal, etc.

Coins in the table
Coins from the grid
Coin report
Report for a selected coin

Type/Status of coins. Manage not only the coins that are part of your collection but also coins with a different status, coins that are For sale, Lost, Not owned, Repeated, Sold and Wish list. Select one of these 6 different status (or just leave it blank) from the drop down textbox for a particular coin and that is it. These six status have different colors for an easy identification. Two examples: Sold and Wish .

Grid properties. Change the properties of the fields or columns in the grid or table of coins
      Table of coins
     Also, choose what columns or fields to show up and set their width.

      Table properties

Lists. Enter the country, grade of preservation, metal and shape for a particular coin with ease thanks to the drop down lists. Select one from the list and job done. Two examples:

Try it!  

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